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     Here at REM Labs we believe that our job is to provide our clients with the services most relevant to specific needs.  "Truly the Buck Stops Here", Whether you need custom software integrated into your system, security or back-ups. Our most important job is our relationship with you, our clients.  We are truly in service to you. Hearing what your needs are and developing trust, that you know it will happen. We teach, accomplish research or just plain listen so that we may better serve.

     We will incorporate your current machines or build custom machines either workstation or server to your requirements. We will run cables, check existing cables or work with your contractors to assure you good, stable connectivity.

     Frustration levels rise rapidly when software writers tell you it's the network, the network people say it is the hardware, hardware people say it is the cable, then your cable installers insist the real issue is software. We will track down the problem and resolve it!

     We work with book keepers, business planners and engineers. We also develop ergonomic work stations and plans reducing time off and stress both physically and mentally. This planning improves attendance and moral, while lowering incidents of neck and back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and general fatigue. We write instruction (how to) manuals, give classes and pointers and train those who wish or have need in Network Administration, hardware or software troubleshooting.  We will provide ongoing support online, by phone or onsite.

     Our secondary job is to learn.  We have an inborn fear of "EXPERTS".  Everyday we learn, everyday new technologies are developed. NO ONE PERSON can know everything........  Our focus is to follow the technologies that will improve communications with our clients and those that will serve the needs of our clients.

     In our business and personal lives, growth and communication are the keys to any successful endeavor or relationship.  In the fast paced world of technology, these keys are paramount.  Planned growth can improve your understanding of the systems and networking needs of your company.  By knowing both present and future goals, cost effective planning and communication will be your keys to success, and We here at REM Labs will be there with you in your success.



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